MedPay, Rate Locks, Motorcycles & More with Samuel Hoover, Outside Sales Agent

Samuel Hoover,
Outside Sales Agent

If your bike goes down, the trusted guidance of a fellow motorcycle rider may save you from financial burden.

Based in Osceola, Indiana, Lelieart Insurance Agency is known for our comprehensive approach to insurance, with a veteran roster of devoted agents such as longtime rider Samuel Hoover, a team member since December 2017. 

Samuel is an expert in auto and motorcycle insurance trends, ensuring his clients have an advisor and access to the right coverage. When he’s not planning his next trip to Sturgis or weekend ride with his wife, he’s helping to keep others protected.

MedPay Can Make the Difference

You may ride defensively, but mistakes happen. That’s where MedPay can help.

“People often don’t fully grasp what MedPay means,” Samuel said.

MedPay insurance, also known as medical payments coverage, is a type of auto insurance that provides drivers and passengers with assistance in covering medical expenses incurred during a crash. MedPay can cover a variety of medical expenses, including ambulances, hospital stays, surgery and medical treatment. This type of policy is an optional add-on to standard insurance and can often be purchased separately. 

It’s important to note that MedPay policy limits tend to be relatively low, so it may not completely cover all medical expenses in the event of a serious incident.

Of Lelieart’s more than 15 major carriers, a key advantage of ERIE Insurance for motorcycle MedPay is that they offer up to $25,000 in coverage, Samuel said. 

Many policies only include up to $1,000 of coverage or no additional coverage at all — “That’s a red flag,” Samuel cautioned — leaving clients vulnerable to staggering medical expenses. Emergency medical procedures, ambulance rides and scans may cost a minimum of $10,000, he said, and without sufficient coverage, it could put clients in financial distress.

Custom Paint Job? Consider Accessories Coverage

“About 90% of bikes have a custom aspect,” Samuel explained.

For motorcyclists with personalized rides, accessories coverage is a must-have.

Most insurance policies provide for a base of roughly $3,000 in coverage, but there’s a good chance that may not be enough to cover more expensive accessories or a custom paint job. By documenting the itemized list of accessories and aspects of the bike for coverage purposes, customizations can easily be added for a $100-$200 annual cost, on average. 

Safeguard Yourself Against the Under-Insured or Uninsured

Samuel shared a cautionary tale from his family, illustrating the pitfalls of overlooking policy options.

TLDR: opting for under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage can save headaches.

“So, my dad bought a new bike in my mom’s name,” he recalled. 

“My brother and I were riding; he gets hit by a vehicle in a hit-and-run. The policy was with Progressive. They initially say, ‘Well, there’s no coverage for his injuries,’ and we’re trying to figure out, well, how is that? 

“So fast-forward, I look at it, and my dad didn’t have under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage on there. So, basically, the only way they covered it was because my brother was not named on the policy … and they paid out because he could sue against the policy. I still have no idea how they paid it out but they did, they paid for a portion of his injuries. 

“But if he was on the policy with Mom and Dad, there would have been no coverage whatsoever. That was a lesson I taught my dad when he finally had me look at it.”

Lock In Your Current Rate with ERIE

Over the past two years, rate hikes have been happening across the board. 

“In regard to auto trends, I’m seeing a steady increase in rates and more premium payouts,” Samuel said, noting annual increases are hovering around “$200–$300, easy.”

ERIE Insurance is one of the few big players allowing customers to lock in their current auto rates. In comparison to ERIE Insurance’s exchange program, ERIE Rate Lock policyholders should expect a more thorough report to conducted, including credit and driving record checks, as well as an evaluation of the vehicle and how it is stored.

“Driving history will dictate placement pretty quickly,” Samuel explained. “As long as you don’t make a policy change, such as a new new driver or vehicle, they don’t run reports at your renewal.”

Following a nationwide rash of auto thefts involving Kia and Hyundai vehicles, owners of such makes are also feeling the sting of rising insurance bills. 

“I have clients who had those vehicles and their rates skyrocketed because of the probability of them being stolen,” he added, reinforcing his recommendation of locking in rates now. 

The biggest downside to ERIE’s offer? Some policyholders may experience sticker shock should they make changes to their policy, which releases the lock and applies current rates.

How Lelieart Insurance Agency Can Help

With years of experience riding motorcycles himself, Samuel understands the unique needs and risks associated with this activity. 

“If it’s unfair to our client,” he said, “we’re going to step in.”

Have a question or not sure where to start with your coverage? Samuel can help clients select the best available options, including med pay, comprehensive collision insurance, the ERIE Rate Lock and more.

Avoid risking your ride — or worse.

Call Samuel Hoover and the Leliaert Insurance Agency today for the coverage you need to ride with peace of mind.